Sikh Cast Ep40 - What is Barah Maha and Why your Kids will Love it?

July 8, 2017

Barah Maha is Sikh Research Institute’s (SikhRI) first children’s online course. Barah Maha is a folk poetry style that expresses the emotions and yearnings of the human heart in terms of the changing seasons of Nature with each particular month over the twelve months of the year.

Barah Maha provides an opportunity for children to connect with Gurbani. The course exposes children to various Gurbani themes, new vocabulary and Sikh attitude towards nature, life and its real goals. It also encourages children to reflect on and think about their own life and priorities.

We hope you and your children will benefit from Barah Maha and develop a deeper desire for the knowledge of Gurbani. Register for the course today.

The course is free for all. 

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Guest: Jasmine Kaur

Host: Manpreet Singh (@mjassal)



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